Economic and Financial Databank of Iran
وزارت امور اقتصادی و دارایی

Economic and Financial Databank of Iran

The Economic and Financial Databank of Iran contains sets of time series from a variety of International, national and provincial sources. The data are gathering from a variety of national and international sources, to improve transparency and provide policy-makers, researchers and investors with up-to-date information. You can query and see the data in different ranges and frequencies, from annual down to daily, and download the tables as Excel files for different analytical purposes.

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Iran Economy at a Glance

Iran economy key indicators

Indices Year 1394 Year 1395
Economic Growth -1.6 11.6 (9-monthes)
Economic Growth (non-oil) -3.1 1.9 (9-monthes)
Consumer Inflation (percent) 11.9 9
Producer Inflation (percent) 4.9 5
Liquidity Growth (percent) 30 24.1 (11-monthes)
Unemployment Rate (percent) 11 12.4
Participation Rate (percent) 38.2 39.4
US Dollar (1 USD/Rials) 34304.5 36989
Tehran Stock Exchange General Index 80219 77230
OPEC Oil Price (USD per Barrel) 44.8 45.9

A Comparative overview of the Iranian provinces’ Economic Situation

The color indicates the rank of the province in the country. Choose any province to see the annual time series data.


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Operational Indicators of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

Indices Year 1394 Latest Data
Department of Financial Supervision and State General Treasury
Total Public Revenues (Billion Rials) 1123745 1177623 (1395 first 11-monthes)
Disposal of Capital Assets (Billion Rials) 673579 600764 (1395 first 11-monthes)
Expenses (Current Expenditures) (Billion Rials) 1706885 1825359 (1395 first 9-monthes)
Acquisition of Capital Assets (Billion Rials) 259627 184021 (1395 first 11-monthes)
Acquisition of Financial Assets (Billion Rials) 23450 41113 (1395 first 11-monthes)
Tax Affairs Organization
Tax Revenues (Direct & Indirect Tax) (Billion Rials) 791890 856422 (1395 first 11-monthes)
Direct Taxes (Billion Rials) 429601 422510 (1395 first 11-monthes)
Indirect Taxes (Billion Rials) 362289 433912 (1395 first 9-monthes)
Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA)
Exports (Million Dollars) 42429 43930 (year 1395)
Imports (Million Dollars) 41539 43684 (year 1395)
Indices Year 1394 Latest Data
Organization for Investment Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran
Foreign Direct Investment (Million Dollars) 256.36  
Iranian Privatization Organization
Sale Value of Total Acquisitions (Trillion Rials) 37.33 42.6 (year 1395)
Central Insurance of IR Iran
Produced Premium (Trillion Rials) 226.1 222.4 (1395 first 10-monthes)
Paid Losses (Trillion Rials) 144.3 132.9 (1395 first 10-monthes)
Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)
General Index (TEPIX) 80219 77230 (year 1395)
Share Trading Volume (Million Shares) 227798 256772 (year 1395)
Share Trading Value (Billion Rials) 473624 638540 (year 1395)
Market Capitalization (Billion Rials) 3448390 3220374 (year 1395)