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Indicator 1398 spring
Active economic population (People) 27339431.00
Active men economic activity (People) 21943691.00
Active women economic activity (People) 5395740.00
Active population of urban areas (People) 20282742.00
Active population of rural areas (People) 7056689.00
Economic Participation Rate (Rate) 40.60
Men's Economic Participation Rate (Rate) 65.00
Women's Economic Participation Rate (Rate) 16.10
The rate of economic participation of urban areas (Rate) 39.80
The rate of rural economic participation (Rate) 43.10
The unemployed population (People) 2956687.00
Unemployed men (People) 2023806.00
Unemployed Women (people) 932881.00
The unemployed population of urban areas (People) 2443806.00
Unemployed rural areas (People) 512881.00
The unemployment rate (percent) 10.80
Men's Unemployment Rate (Rate) 9.20
Women's unemployment rate (Rate) 17.30
Unemployment rates in urban areas (Rate) 12.00
Unemployment rate in rural areas (Rate) 7.30
Agricultural sector workers (People) 4606627.00
Men agricultural worker (People) 3636323.00
Women agriculture workers (People) 970304.00
Agricultural workers in urban areas (People) 1210895.00
Agricultural workers in rural areas (People) 3395731.00
Workers in the industry sector (People) 7683582.00
Men industry workers (People) 6566448.00
Women industry workers (People) 1117133.00
Industrial sector workers in urban areas (People) 6059769.00
Industrial sector workers in rural areas (People) 1623812.00
Employees in the service sector (People) 12091244.00
Men worker service department (People) 9715823.00
Women worker service department (People) 2375421.00
Service Providers in Urban Areas (People) 10566981.00
Service Providers in Rural Areas (People) 1524263.00
The share of employment in the agricultural sector (Rate) 18.90
The share of men in agriculture sector (Rate) 18.30
The share of women in agriculture sector (Rate) 21.70
The share of agricultural employment in urban areas (Rate) 6.80
The share of agricultural employment in rural areas (Rate) 51.90
Share of employment in the industry sector (Rate) 31.50
The share of men's employment in the industrial sector (Rate) 33.00
The share of women's employment in the industrial sector (Rate) 25.00
The share of industry employment in urban areas (Rate) 34.00
The share of industry employment in rural areas (Rate) 24.80
Share of employment in the services sector (Rate) 49.60
The share of men in the service sector (Rate) 48.80
The share of women in the service sector (Rate) 53.20
The share of employment services in urban areas (Rate) 59.20
Share of services in rural areas (Rate) 23.30