Economic and Financial Databank of Iran
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Indicator 1398 spring
Monetary Base (sources) (Billion Rials) 2744300.00
Central Bank Net Foreign Assets (Billion Rials) 2310400.00
Central Bank Net Claims on Public Sector (Billion Rials) 414800.00
Central Bank Claims on Banks (Billion Rials) 1345500.00
Monetary base (Uses) (Billion Rials) 2744300.00
Banks Legal Deposits with Central Bank (Billion Rials) 2040900.00
Banks Sight Deposits with Central Bank (Billion Rials) 78400.00
Notes & Coins in Circulation (Billion Rials) 625000.00
Liquidity (by its Components) (Billion Rials) 19799100.00
Money (Billion Rials) 3108700.00
Quasi-Money (Billion Rials) 16690400.00